Seaman Fall Festival

Wednesday, September 18 - 21

          Seaman, Ohio

How the Festival Began...

One late day in March 1913, while the rain was falling in torrents, the preliminary plans for holding Seaman's first Fall Festival were made. on occasion the Norfolk & Western railway Co.'s Agricultural train was stationed on the side track here. And was visited by hundreds of people. in connection with this display, the department of agricultural Extension of the Ohio State University, also had a display and a number of speakers. These men were also taken with the village and the large crowd that been mustered, when this had been an advertised stop, that they made suggestions as to how we could arrange for and hold a Fall Festival in the Fall of that year. Their suggestions were followed and as a result the first festival was held in September, 1913. 

                        A Town in the Makin' 

                  By Frank G. Young, € 1913

Celebrating 100 Years!!!!!!!!!